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    Did you earn any Capital Gains(losses) on sale of Shares, Properties or other capital assets? *If yes, please provide details below and attach supporting documents at the end of this form.

    If yes, please provide details below and attach supporting documents at the end of this form.

    Did you have a rental property during the financial year? If yes, please download and complete the rental property worksheet for each property you have and attach at the end of this form? * and/or provide us the supporting information for verification.

    Did you have work related car expenses (Please note you cannot claim travel for commuting to and from work place)?
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    Did you work from home during this financial year, if you did please provide us the number of hours you worked from home for the period 1 July – 30 June. And provide us details of your calculation or a diary to confirm the calculation.

    Please put the details below for any work related asset & depreciable items eg, laptop, desktop, assets costing more than $300
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    D9. Donations Given to tax deductible recipients
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    D10. Tax Agent Fees (paid during the financial year for which tax return is being prepared) $
    D12. Personal Super Contributions for which tax deductions can be claimed
    D15. Income protection, sickness and accident protection insurance. Premium paid
    Foreign exchange losses/Derivative losses
    Details of any other Income and Expenses not covered above
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    NS & Associates prepares tax returns for individuals and businesses and will work with you to ensure that returns are completed accurately, saving you any nasty surprises. Our detailed approach ensures all relevant deductions are captured to give you the best result.

    Some of our most common tax compliance services include:-

    Tax Return preparation for:

    Trusts (including Self Managed Superannuation Funds)
    Group structures
    Preparation of
    Business Activity statements
    Instalment Activity Statements
    Fringe Benefits Tax Returns
    Payroll tax lodgements
    ASIC lodgements
    Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
    Tax planning and structuring
    Goods and Services Tax

    We prepare financial statements for all types of entities including companies (both public and private), partnerships, trusts and superannuation funds. Accounting however involves more than simply preparing financial statements each year, and as such, we focus on providing effective value added services to ensure your business achieves its goals.

    Whether a start-up or an established business, we can optimise your company's profitability through:

    Budgeting and planning
    Financial Statements & Tax returns
    Cash flow, budgets and financial projections
    Business and ownership structures
    Trusts, asset protection and estate planning
    Family business advice
    Working capital management
    Business development
    Audit Defence
    Accounting staff supplied on your premises
    Business plan preparation

    We know setting up MYOB and setting up QuickBooks can be a challenge but we also know the benefits that having this accounting software can deliver. We have years of experience and have set up literally hundreds of MYOB and QuickBooks systems; let us set up everything and then it really will be easy for you from then on.

    We also specialise in setting up cloud accounting software 'Xero'. Let us set your new Xero system up, and allow you to take full advantage of the power it will give you over your business.

    Our team can recommend how best to set Xero up for your specific business needs, as well as recommend any Xero Add-on’s that could help you get even more out of your investment. Want to stretch the limits of Xero’s functionality? NS & Associates can design your custom reports, and any other specific configuration requirements you may have.

    NS & Associates can provide advice and help you establish a company with India tax agent point cook in Melbourne , trust or business. We can create/assist you in preparing and lodging your Business Activity Statements to report your GST to the Australian Taxation Office.

    Structure Your Business Once. Save Repeatedly.

    It’s typically a one-time-only investment. Yet many established and new start-ups cut corners, failing to realise that the wrong business structure can cost thousands – if not millions – of dollars in profits over the long-run. But NS & Associates puts businesses on the right track, helping you determine the most tax effective legal structure for your business – whether a sole trader, partnership, company, family trust, unit trust or combination.

    An astounding 90 percent of businesses that contact us are structured inefficiently for tax minimisation and asset protection purposes. This means business owners are leaving themselves exposed to unnecessary tax payments, capital gains tax obligations, devastating personal losses and liability in the event of a law suit.

    But NS & Associates provides the professional insight, expertise and peace-of-mind you need to:

    Retain tens of thousands of dollars in taxes every year
    Increase your business cash flow
    Safeguard your business from huge capital gains taxes when you sell
    Protect your home and personal property from creditors or legal settlements
    Protect assets from bankruptcy and insolvency
    Expand business capabilities and stay competitive
    Build your personal wealth and your family’s financial security
    When you work with a Tax Effective business strategist, you receive answers to your questions and sound business accounting and tax advice based on various factors including your industry, tax rules, turnover and future business expectations.

    NS & Associates offers a broad range of tax advice including corporate tax, personal tax effectiveness and indirect taxation including, payroll tax, research and development and GST. Structure your business and transactions to be tax effective from conception.

    SMSF services

    We can provide all the services you would need in relation to self-managed superannuation funds:

    Set up of the SMSF including trust deeds, and all related documents, including completing all relevant registrations
    Preparation of annual financial statements, tax returns and member statements to ensure compliance with legislation
    Provision of audit services (via a third party)
    Provision of actuarial services for pension funds, as required (via a third party)
    Set up of a company to act as a corporate trustee, and corporate secretarial services as required
    Administration services with regards to your investments, such as acting as your investment mailhouse
    Provision of our time on a needs basis to answer your questions about your self-managed superannuation fund, including compliance with the Act, and general investment queries

    Bookkeeping involves the recording of financial transactions by an individual or organisation. It is a legal requirement to keep records that are accurate and true for a period of at least 5 years from the date that the documents were prepared, obtained or the transaction completed, whichever occurs the latest.

    Being compliant on this front can be a very time consuming process and causes many headaches for small and medium business in Australia.

    NS & Associates is able to provide bookkeeping services that will free you to focus on the operational side of your business.

    Basic bookkeeping services include:
    Bank Reconciliations – compare your internal records with bank statements in order to identify and rectify any discrepancies
    Profit & Loss Statements – generated monthly and/or annually that reports the earnings of a business by stating all relevant income and all expenses that have been incurred to generate that income. Also referred to as an Income Statement.
    Cash Flow Management – manage your cash flow to ensure you have cash when you need it. This is the most critical aspect of business.
    Financial Reporting & Analysis – key information about the financial state of your business into language you can understand.
    Accounts Payable & Receivable – identify money you owe suppliers and money that is owed to you by your customers.
    End of financial year processes – take away all the pressure associated with ensuring your books are ready for the end of financial year.
    Budgeting – forecast your income and expenditure in order to identify how much you afford to dedicate to particular expenses.
    With the chronic shortage of professionals, are you or your business struggling to find and retain a good bookkeeper? Outsource your bookkeeping function to NS & Associates experts, for a more efficient and cost-effective professional solution for your business.

    BAS preparation and lodgment services, either as an individual service or as part of a package of our bookkeeping services. We assemble and review all your transactions for a period and prepare a BAS Summary for your review and lodge electronically

    Cloud Accounting - How we can partner with you

    At NS & Associates we help our clients achieve their financial goals and make managing their financial universe as simple as possible. Cloud Accounting allows business owners to manage their finances from anywhere, have instant access to accounts, cashflow and most importantly know exactly what is going on!

    For the business owner Cloud Accounting means that you no longer have to email over your accounts or worse bring a suitcase of P&Ls for your accountant to review. >

    If you want your business to work smarter and faster, cloud accounting software is a wise investment. Working in the cloud will give you a better overview of your finances, and improve collaboration with your team.

    So what is this thing called the cloud?

    Think about when you use internet banking. Every time you access this data, you’re using the cloud. The cloud is a platform to make data and software accessible online anytime, anywhere, from any device. Your hard drive is no longer the central hub.

    Why the cloud and accounting software are the perfect match?

    You can use cloud-based software from any device with an internet connection. Online accounting means small business owners stay connected to their data and their accountants. The software can integrate with a whole ecosystem of add-ons. It’s scalable, cost-effective and easy to use.

    Cloud accounting makes the financial administration and management of a business so much easier. But getting started and migrating data from a different kind of accounting system can appear daunting. We are the expert cloud accountants – your go-to guys for cloud accounting – and we can help make the transition of your accounts data and bookkeeping processes happen very smoothly and efficiently.

    We can manage your bookkeeping accounting services using leading cloud accounting software’s and help you achieve the desired efficiencies.